How to get your toddler to walk

If a red-faced toddler with tears streaming, screaming to be carried while you struggle with an expedition’s worth of ‘absolutely essential items’ required for a trip to the park sounds familiar then keep reading!

As my boys get older, I’ve found myself struggling with not needing to deal with the hassled of a buggy on London transport for short trips and the need to use it so I can actually get somewhere on time. With the added pleasure of a ‘velcro baby’ for a 2 year old, here are my top tips to get your over 2’s walking:

1. Mini backpacks

I bought the Cath Kidston mini backpacks for the boys and will never look back. They carry their water bottle and a book, and a toy each. They relish the responsibility and it encourages them to walk further.


2. Wheels

15380686_10210718631498928_1281442686008540722_nANYTHING with wheels works; a bike, a trike or a scooter. At present, B’s favourite set of ‘wheels’ is his baby’s buggy. He loves taking his baby for a walk and pointing out all the different things he can see (it’s SE London, so we’re limited to pigeons, squirrels, the odd parakeet and rare daytime fox), before we know it we’ve arrived at our destination and he’s so exhausted he’ll have a nap long enough for me to enjoy a hot cup of tea!

3If all else fails…

Take regular breaks, stop off at a place of interest and have a snack or take some pictures.


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