The boys in blue…purple, green and yellow too

I often get told I have gorgeous girls, I’m asked how old they are as strangers gush over their long hair, colourful clothing and love for each other.
I usually state ‘they’re both boys’ more times than I can count on both hands, once a day. I’m going to leave the reason my boys have long hair for another post, this one is about clothing.


When infinite colours exist between the dark and the light, who among us would choose to see only black and white? – Gene Bertsche

I missed the memo about boys only being allowed to wear variations of blue, brown or grey. Children are happy, curious creatures and their clothing should reflect their colourful, individual personalities.

We buy most of our clothing from Polarn O’ Pyret, because it fits my criteria:

  1. practical
  2. unisex
  3. slogan/character free

We are a family that encourages risky play, we will go out in all weather and therefore our clothing ne14435345_10210009322526647_3758558064334007730_o-2eds to be practical. Unisex is not necessary requirement but I don’t feel comfortable assigning children’s clothing based on gender, when both my boys were younger and it was cold they wore tights. Why? Because they would just pull their socks off and it was one way to keep them warm in the harsher winter months.

The slogan/character free requirement is a personal one. They do have the odd spider-man socks, Avengers pants and Paw Patrol hat floating about, but that’s it. Children are fickle and I would not be able to cope with a child demanding Peppa Pig tshirt one day, screaming for a Batman onesie the next day [choose your battles].

You may notice that they tend to match/compliment each other. It’s not a requirement as such, but I think they look cute…at least while I can get away with it!



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