Going away this holiday season?

We are! I’m so excited and will do a few holiday posts when we return. However, before you go on holiday, you need to get to your destination. (Preferably on time, but with under 5’s in tow, this is an optional extra.) Here are my favourite travel tips, to help make that journey slightly easier:

  • FAMILY ZONES: If I know that part of my journey involves staying in one area (eg airport) for long periods of time, I make sure I know what is available for families, and where. Baby changing facilities are a given wherever you go these days, but airports such as Gatwick also have Kid Zones and family security lanes (a godsend for families and everybody who has been delayed by my screaming child refusing to go through the detectors – oops!)
  • FOOD: If your children are anything like mine, they’ll eat, a lot. I pack snacks (lots of them) to keep them occupied. I use some snack-sized sandwich bags  I found in Tesco to help with portion control and fill those with rice cakes, pretzels, dried fruit, plantain chips, veg (carrots, peppers, sugar snaps, cucumbers etc). I tend to give these out every hour or so and try to time my travel around mealtimes so that we have plenty of time to eat, travelling with a bored and hungry toddler is not my idea fun!
  • TOYS/GAMES: toys and games are a must, to help keep your child distracted and occupied when travelling. I personally would not recommend colouring books and crayons as mine are both still at an age where they drop and crayon and scream endlessly for it. It is a repetitive and pointless exercise for me to keep retrieving crayons that inevitably drop, forget about and then scream for at 2am. A few pieces of lego or Megabloks seem to go down well, as well as a toy car or animal and a book of their choosing. If you can sense tedium settling, a surprise or two doesn’t help every hour or so, interspersed with the snacks. Pound shop/MacDonalds toys are great for this.

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