To match or not to match?

It’s pretty clear by now that I often match or dress W & B as similarly as possible, evidenced by their big brother/little brother Christmas Day outfits by Loan Bor (a traditional Spanish clothing company) and purchased from Panache Kids (one of the few UK stockists).

I know as they get older and develop their personalities and preferred style of dressing I won’t be able to get away with it, but for now I can!


  • they look cute together
  • easy to find if one goes missing (just run up to a stranger and ask them if they’ve seen a child dressed exactly the same as the one you haven’t lost, unless you’ve lost them both)
  • easy to pick outfits (it’s the same one)


  • everybody asks if they’re twins (yes, one just ate more food and was born 22 months earlier)
  • they will hate you forever when they see the embarrassing childhood photos

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