Theatre Trips

Living in London it’s nigh on impossible to avoid a trip to the theatre. We are a theatre loving family, I saw 2016 out with a matinee performance of The Bodyguard with my sister and saw 2017 in with a family friendly theatre experience with the boys.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar and other stories, was everything it promised to be and more. No more than 45 minutes total, perfect for little ones, visually amazing with colourful puppets and bubble machines, filling children and adults a like with awe. Audience participation was actively encouraged and B in particular enjoyed yelling out “…and he was still hungry!” . 

Interested in a family-friendly theatre trip? Here are my suggestions:

The Unicorn Theatre was founded with the philosophy that ‘the best of theatre for children should be judged on the same high standards of writing, directing, acting and design as the best of adult theatre’ and offer experiences suitable for all ages.

A few of Julia Donaldson’s well loved stories have been adapted to theatre, visit: The Gruffalo website for more information.

In The Night Garden Live, returns again this year, however be aware of the extra costs that can soon pile up though if you opt for the gift bag or meeting a character experience.


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