FOMO – The lazy way to parent?

B and W suffer from a severe case of FOMO (fear of missing out) and I’ll hold my hands up to say that I exploit this at any given moment.

There are many tools in the parenting toolbox that border on manipulation, emotional abuse and with a dash of reverse pyschology this is one of them. But for an easy life, who’s complaining? I think we’ve all seen the video of the mum with quadruplets by now!

FOMO phrase: If you don’t do [insert chore] then you can’t do/go/have [insert reward].

You can’t use FOMO more than once a week (twice pushing it) otherwise it loses it’s power, and I would only recommend using it for chores. Where you will fail is the ‘reward’ you are telling them they can’t have. Some parent’s go OTT and threaten to take away holidays, or days out which are unlikely to be followed through so the next time you use a FOMO it lacks conviction. I prefer the rewards to be low level, and usually something I want them to do anyway, here is my favourite example of my use of FOMO this year.

If you don’t tidy up your toys, you can’t go to bed.
This was great, they started frantically stuffing toys back into their respective boxes and singing the ‘time to tidy up’ song. As bedtime rolled around, I (feigned) reluctantly concluded that as they had made such a good effort to tidy up, I supposed they could go to bed after all. They skipped merrily into their beds and not a peep was heard all night.

They thought they had won, but we all know who the real winner was…


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