The Fantastic World of Dr Seuss


Discover Children’s Story Centre currently has a Dr Seuss Exhibition and it’s as amazing as it sounds! 

The exhibition experience and the storytelling session are included in the ticket price but you do need to book a space. 

We spaced our day out by visiting the exhibition first, we were read the first few pages of The Cat in the Hat and then encouraged to explore the space. There were dressing up opportunities to be Thing 1 and Thing 2. A Truffula forest with various The Lorax books strewn around for group or individual reading. Games area from Oh! The Places You’ll Go! and complimentary worksheets. Our favourite book is Green Eggs and Ham, we weren’t let down with a tea set role play area and plenty of book copies to read. 

After lunch from the cafe, we explored Story World which really helps capture a child’s imagination. Our day ended with the interactive Scrambled Eggs Super! storytelling session, we sang songs, hunted for various birds and their eggs and at the end had a dance to ‘How Do You Like Your Eggs In The Morning’ by Dean Martin, although aimed at 0-3 year olds this experience was thoroughly enjoy by the accompanying 4 year olds. 

Highly recommended experience for all, The Fantastic World of Dr Seuss is on at Discover Children’s Story Centre until 3rd September 2017. 


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