KidZania – every child’s dream

We went, we had fun and we’ll be going back! W turned the big 4 and I decided a trip to KidZania was in order to celebrate. 

We went early to avoid the crowds, large groups of school children started arrive in  the afternoon which made it a bit more difficult to participate in activities. 

Arrival was an airport set up complete with boarding passes and check in. We received electronic wristbands that linked us altogether in the unlikely event we got lost and to prevent the children leaving the premises unaccompanied, the wristband was also used to check in for  various activities and photos taken by the photographers to be purchased on exit. Over 4s are also given 50 Kidzos (KidZania currency) to start with which can be used to pay for activities or shop items. You earn more by doing ‘jobs, once you have 75 Kidzos you can open a bank account and receive a bank card which was the highlight for most of th children. 

In total W managed 7 activities plus the RightzKeepers Residence we did for B to have some time as this was a regular scene during the day:

I bought a passport (£5) for W to get activities stamped off and he can collect hologram stickers from other KidZania locations worldwide.

My overal tips for KidZania are:

  • Bring another adult to be in charge of any Under 4s so they can do the activities suitable for their age while you keep an eye on the Over 4s
  • Do the most exciting activities first, the queues build up quickly and you are at risk of missing out 
  • Don’t forget to factor lunch in, you can buy kids meals from food points or they can make their own burger at GBK for 20 Kidzos
  • Step back, adults aren’t allowed to queue up or join activities so you really need to let them feel in charge 

We managed to have time before the end of our session for W to do the engineering & pit stop challenge activity, I was more than a little green to say the least! 

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