Rain – An invitation


After the miserable weather allowing for many puddle splashing days and prompting a variety of questions, I dexiddd to set up a small activity invitation to explore the topic with W & B.

Lego house activity 

  • Lego blocks
  • Squares of various materials
  • Cotton pads
  • Coloured water (in a water gun)

This was a great activity, we built a lego house, without a roof, together which allowed for discussion around construction using numeracy and testing colour recognition. 

We then discussed the materials we had in front of us and I asked the boys to predict which materials would be waterproof and which materials wouldn’t be.

We tested their predictions by placing a square of material on top of the lego house as a roof and a clean cotton pad inside the house. Using coloured water in a water gun, we squirted ‘rain’ water onto    the roof and if it was waterproof the cotton pad would be clean, if not the coloured water would be visible. It was great for the boys to see why their predictions were either right or wrong and to talk about why. 

It allowed for an extended discussion about the materials that the everyday items they use to protect themselves from the rain, such as anoraks, Wellington boots and umbrellas are made from.

Colour changing umbrellas

W & B have colour changing umbrellas which can be bought easily on Amazon. They enjoyed using sponges, paints and their hands to mark the umbrellas with water and watch them change colour. 

What makes it rain?

No learning experience is complete without supporting reading materials. The book What Makes It Rain by Katie Daynes was the perfect accompaniment to this activity. 

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