The Bucket List: Robot Zoo


As we work our way through the bucket list, I realised that W had requested a museum outing. We visit museums on a regular basis, with the Science Museum and Natural History Museum being firm and regular favourites. I wanted this museum visit to be a little different from the norm, remembering my own visits to The Horniman Museum as a child, I thought I would introduce the boys to this extensive collection in south east London.

The Horniman Museum is free for it’s collections, unfortunately some of the galleries were closed until Spring 2018. We were able to see the large taxidermy collection and a new (since I last went) interactive section, which included a hive of bees which was incredibly exciting for them. We were also able to visit the music gallery which had a separate room to try out some of the instruments we had seen on display (picture young children let lose on the noisiest instruments possible, great for them, not so great for adults!).

The main purpose of our visit was of course The Robot Zoo (running until 29/10/17) a fabulous exhibition which showcased robotic animals such as a giant grasshopper, a detailed platypus and of course the giraffe featured on their advertising. They were able to explore the mechanics behind the construction of the robots as well as learn more about the biological aspects of each creature represented, such as a camouflage challenge to mimic the chameleon or a timed challenge to see how long they could hang like a bat for. Once the children had gotten over the initially uncertainty at these enormous robotic creatures, flashing lights and all, they were all running around squealing in excitement and one was even over heard declaring “This is awesome!”.

Even I enjoyed myself, playing arcade inspired games and with the current misery surrounding zoos in relation to animal welfare would quite happily see robotic zoos taking over if they were all as fun, interactive and informative as this little, unexpected exhibition was.

We are really enjoying making our way through W’s bucket list, and with a few more months to go, can’t wait to see what other adventures we have in store!

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