Travel Backpack


The London print mini backpacks from Cath Kidston are perfect to hold everything that they need and easy for them to carry themselves.

The backpacks are a lot more spacious than they seem at first and I used these handy resealable bags from Ikea to keep everything organised. 

So what’s in the backpack? We were only doing a 2 hour flight when I packed these for them, both flights were early morning as well so I knew (hoped) they would sleep for the majority of the flight. As well as the standard drink and snack combo, they also had a spare pair of pants each. W still has occasional accidents due to his additional needs, B decided 3 weeks ago that he didn’t want to wear nappies anymore (day and night = panic stations!). 

They also had two activities each; Lego, toy dinosaurs, paper and felt tips for drawing, and of course, an Orchard Toys game. As well as a favourite book each. It’s a really cute way to organise their bags, they enjoyed discovering what was in each bag and they were able to keep themselves entertained throughout the flight with minimal intervention from me (so I could start my holiday with an alcoholic beverage guilt-free!). 

That’s a win in my book! 


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  1. These tips came in handy today, bought myself a nice lil pack to walk the Camino de Santiago next month. Difficult to find myself a bag though, as I also eventually measured as an extra small at the shop I bought mine at… but because I’m pretty tall at 5’8″, associates kept putting me in the wrong size at MEC haha. Never realized how disproportionate my torso was… oh my blog


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