Mum vs. Kids – Sick Day

This morning I woke up feeling unwell. As a mum I don’t get to have a day off even though I just wanted to spend all day in bed, especially as a single parent. I realised that my sick days are very different to the boys sick days!


Gentle wake up for the children, fruity breakfast, bubble bath and plans for a PJ day.

Mummy gets woken up by children jumping on her head, prying eyes open and shouting “WAKE UP AND MAKE US BREAKFAST MUMMY!”, children proceed to complain about what they’ve been given for breakfast and I have to attempt to look half alive for the nursery run.


Healthy lunch for the children, and encouraged to participate in quiet time activities or have a nap.

Mummy realises she’s fallen asleep on the sofa, wakes up to discover the children have redecorated using toys, compost from the balcony and bits of rubbish. They also have food around their mouths from raiding the snack cupboard, but still claim starvation and cry until presented with an acceptable meal.


Bedtime story, cuddles, kisses and gentle music to fall asleep to.

Mummy, is overtired, her eyeballs feel like they are on fire, her neck is stiff and she feels hot and cold all over. She drags herself to bed and leaves the children to sleep where they drop despite the screams that indicate either endless fun being had or attempting to kill each other during a particularity bad bout of sibling rivalry.

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