Father’s Day In A Single Parent Household


I remember Father’s Day growing up, we often made some sort of ‘craft’ to bring home to dad and mum would get our photo taken to be stuck on one of those popular (at the time) ‘World’s Best Dad’ musical mugs. As we got older, we were able to tailor our gifts towards his actual interests rather than assuming he would be delighted with receiving a macaroni portrait covered in glitter.  Despite W growing up in, and B being born into, a single parent household since late 2014, this was the first year neither had brought home a Father’s Day craft from either nursery or one of the various activity groups we attend. I’m unsure if this was deliberate, perhaps an attempt to avoid confusion or upset and while they are thankfully at an age to remain blissfully unaware, I’m not and I was surprised to find myself slightly disappointed. 

Fathers’ Day is quite possibly one of the most controversial days of the year, while for some it is an opportunity to show appreciation to doting dads and generous grandfathers, others to tear down the deadbeat, absent parent and try to reclaim the day for themselves. While I can admit the day carries a modicum of regret with fleeting moments of ‘what could have been’, it is just another Sunday. 

This year, it was a particularly hot Sunday, while I was able to wish my father a Happy Father’s Day, I was also able to give the boys and enjoyable day of scooter rides, picnics and fun with friends at St. Luke’s in South Kensington. Despite the obvious display of men attempting to create some memories with their children, W and B were oblivious to the unusually high number of males present in the playground. 

I’m grateful there were no difficult conversations needing to be had, however I’m sure I’ll need to be prepared as there will no doubt be a need in the future. In the meantime I wish all fathers a Happy Father’s Day, regardless of circumstance!

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