Mummy’s Not OK

To my children,

I love you. I love you to the moon and back, I love you to the end of space and time. I wish everyday could be our best day together. But it’s not everyday I can take you on an adventure to explore a little known corner of our city, or to learn interesting facts at our favourite museums, or even getting messy and crafty together.

Sometimes mummy isn’t OK and she needs a PJ day, when we watch back to back movies and cuddle on the sofa. You don’t know why, but you embrace these days as you do with every day. You don’t know that mummy has laid awake the night before tossing and turning, reliving her worst moments, analysing conversations both recent and past. You don’t know that mummy lies awake unable to fall asleep due to the continuous stream of irrational thinking.

Maybe when you’re older I’ll explain it all, but for now I just appreciate you enjoying another PJ day with me.

Mummy xoxo


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