Accidents, Emergencies and General Health

You know those stories you hear about a kid sticking a piece of Lego up their nose and you say to yourself ‘my kid would never do something that dumb.’? Turns out, my kid would!

B (3) casually walked up to me and said ‘Mummy, can you help me get this out of my nose please?’ B had stuck one of W’s Lego heads (pictured) up his nose and it was only with some panicked assistance, shouts of ‘blow out through your nose’ that wouldn’t be amiss on a labour ward and the fashioning of a cotton bud into a hook, that we were able to get it out. It was only afterwards, that the fleeting thought of a trip to A&E became firmly lodged in my mind.

Through all the excitement of moving abroad, hoping to travel the world (at snail’s pace) I had overlooked the issue of healthcare. We’ve been living in ignorant bliss under the NHS, W has been discharged from neurodisability outpatients as he’s been doing so well with the therapy I keep up with at home and the ASD support was virtually nonexistent meaning I had no real concerns about not being able to manage his conditions abroad. B had a scary year of breathing difficulties and chest infections after he caught pneumonia and was admitted for a weekend but otherwise is a healthy child. It never occurred to me that healthcare is something I need to actively think about.

There is a public healthcare system that Moroccans can access through a public healthcare insurance scheme, a few can access it for free if they earn under a certain amount. However, it’s recommended to avoid the public system and use the private healthcare system. There are a few international clinics and hospitals in Morocco that foreigners such as myself can use without worrying about the language barrier.

Healthcare is relatively cheap here and most of the non-Moroccans I know prefer to pay out of pocket. I need to consider my options though, do I want the security an insurance plan can offer, if so do I go for a local scheme or once geared towards expats and travellers? Will it be better to pay out of pocket for what I imagine will mainly be general health check ups once every so often?

What do you do?

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