LL Shorts: 5 Minutes Peace

Has anybody read the book ‘Five Minutes Peace’ by Jill Murphy? It was my favourite book as a child because I could relate to the children in the book bothering mum trying to have a bath and a few minutes to herself. I’m now that mum and it’s tiring, it’s exhausting being a parent trying to juggle everything and everyone.

I get overwhelmed sometimes, the constant touching, the incessant talking competing with background noises, toys being thrust into my face for me to admire or fix – it become an almost sensory overload for me and I just need a few moments of calm to collect my thoughts and just breathe.

Well I finally cracked it! Usually a Lego work cycle involves complaining about each other not ‘sharing’ (I don’t force this which I may cover in another blog), cries of frustration when the parts don’t fit the way they want them to or when they push too hard and their creation falls apart. When they are at these high energy levels, I approach them with a low energy to try and bring them to a place of calm and reason. I thought I’d apply this theory to noise levels, as they started to get louder and louder I tiptoed over to them and started to whisper. They stopped shouting and running about because they had to listen to what I was telling them. I asked them if we could see who had the quietest inside voice for a few minutes, they nodded eagerly and went back to playing but this time in complete silence!

This silent work cycle lasted for a good 20mins, they were both focused and actually made a fair few creations with little interference from me. Now I don’t expect them to be silent all the time but it was quite amazing to see and I will definitely be adding it to W’s play skills therapy as he tends to get overexcited and boisterous which leads to broken toys and materials.

How do you get your 5 Minutes Peace?

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