LL Shorts: Education in Morocco

We’ve had an interesting experience trying to find the right school for our family here in Marrakech. If you’re thinking of sending your child to school in Morocco, here are the top 5 things you need to know:

  1. What type of school?

There is a public education system here but the class sizes are large and noisy. There are international schools as well but these tend be a huge expense and then there are the Moroccan private schools which I felt would give the boys the best chance at learning the language and being introduced to the culture while also enjoying the privileges a private school has to offer.

2. Entry requirements

This can vary wildly depending on the school, one school required the children to sit a 3 hour French exam and W to sit an Arabic exam despite only knowing English and both of them going into Maternelle/Kindergarten.

3. School day

The boys’ school is from 8.30am-3.30pm, some schools are from 8am-5pm allowing students to go home for lunch and a short rest between 12pm-2pm.

4. School supplies

You have to pay for school supplies! This was an extra fee we paid for registration but next year when W goes into Primarie, I will be given a list of supplies and textbooks for him to buy. This doesn’t happen in the UK, but apparently there is a shop where everybody goes and they can put a little pack together for you to ease some of the back to school pressure.

5. Food

In England, W would get a carton of milk and a piece of fruit at break time. School lunches where also free but I packed him a bento box everyday anywhere. Here they need to bring their lunch or buy one from the school canteen (if the school has one) and they also need to bring in a little snack such as fruit, a small homemade cake and a juice for snack time as well.

I’m sure as we get further into the school year the list will grow, but for now these are the top 5 things that I find very different to the school system in England!

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