SEN Travel: Step One

I’ve dedicated a blog series to answering any questions surrounding SEN and single parent travel. #autism #singleparent #travel #sen #asd #singleparentravel #sentravel #blogseries

After I received a large number of messages in response to my Instagram story. I realised that a lot of parents want to travel but feel that because they have one or more children with additional needs it’s not an option for them.

I’ve decided to dedicate a blog series to hopefully answer any questions surrounding SEN and single parent travel.

The first in the series is what I like to call ‘STEP ONE’, it doesn’t matter where you are going to when you’re travelling abroad because it usually all starts in one place: THE AIRPORT

The airport can be an overwhelming place for anybody let alone those with sensory issues or any other additional need. While assistance can be requested at most airports it is difficult to get recognition/assistance for hidden disabilities. This is where schemes like Gatwick’s lanyard scheme come in handy.

Step One: Find out what assistance/schemes/facilities there are for hidden disabilities at the airport you are flying from.


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