SEN Travel: Step Two

This blog is all about creating your TRAVEL TOOLKIT.

You probably already have a toolkit you use on a daily basis, because W has both ASD and DCD (a neurodisability that affects coordination) my daily toolkit usually involves:

  • a motor skills activity
  • a play skills activity
  • a sensory activity
  • visual timetable
  • social story (for new places/activities)
  • love bombing/emotions activity for B (he is still young and struggles to understand his big brother’s behaviour and also needs some 1:1 time with me)
  • self-care (because it’s hard being a SEN parent, single or not)

As you can see these are not all physical tools and your daily toolkit that helps you support your child and manage their diagnosis may look different to mine, you know what works for your child.

Once you’ve identified your ‘tools’ you need to weed out the non essentials and make the essentials TRAVEL FRIENDLY.

For example:

  • It’s important for W to do some sort of motor skills related activity on a daily basis, we can’t pack his Gonge river stones everywhere we go due to the baggage allowance but I can research local playgrounds and pack fine motor skill activities that also serve a distraction purpose when travelling.
  • He is a sensory seeker, and will put anything into his mouth – luckily he has a small soft toy from birth that he can hold/chew or stick in his backpack. It also can’t cause the issues that a liquid based sensory item could cause on airport security.
  • Visual timetables and social stories can be easily stored in a A4 plastic wallet in my backpack.

In combination with STEP ONE: identifying disability schemes at airports, you are closer to that dream holiday abroad. However not everyone has the luxury to travel abroad and so the first steps for any ‘domestic’ travel will be addressed in STEP THREE next week.

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