Les Terres D’Anamar

Les Terres D’Anamar is the perfect family day out, just a short drive from Marrakech. FInd out what we thought below:

What: Low ropes obstacle course (green route) / ACRO-PARK (Vert)

Where: Les Terres D’Anamar

Cost: 100MAD (€10) per child (price varies depending on activity*)

Website: http://www.terresdamanar.com/

Verdict: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Les Terres D’Anamar is a scenic drive from the city of Marrakech, near the town of Tahnaout. Nestled in a woodland area within the luscious valleys that are spoiled with breathtaking views of the Atlas Mountains, the scenery alone is worth the visit.

Les Terres D’Anamar offers something for everybody in the family (there’s a zip line that skims the trees and a wobbly bridge spanning the valley for brave adults!). The children did the low ropes obstacle course, green route which allowed for some adult assurance when required.

After paying for our tickets, we walked along a path that meandered through the trees, crossing over a bridge until we got to a wooden log cabin type hut. The children were fitted with helmets and ropes, after a quick safety demo they were set loose on the obstacle course.

They all loved it, the older ones racing ahead with screams of joy echoing through the woods. B used his trademark ‘slow and steady’ method to get around the course, until we happened upon our first rope swing.

Although it was completely safe, he was overcome with fear and naughty mummy got impatient and pushed him (oops!). It was only later on I realised that there were plenty of small ramps dotted around the course which allowed children to opt out of the ‘scary’ parts!

The children all enjoyed themselves (excuse B’s face below – he was still traumatised from me pushing him) and I’d definitely recommend it for anybody looking for something a little more active to do with the kids one afternoon.

* Activities offered at Les Terres D’Anamar

  • ACCRO-PARK from 100MAD-300MAD (€10-€30), there are courses and packages available for 3-7 year olds, under 12s, over 12s and over 16s.
  • PARK AÉRIEN from 165MAD (€16.50) for over 12s, there are packages available and a nighttime option.
  • HORSE RIDING from 180MAD (€18) for one hour with options up to 600MAD (€60) for a full day plus breakfast available.
  • Hiking, rock climbing and canyoning are available activities.
  • Birthday party packages are also provided.
  • Some activities are free for hotel guests.

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