Education 2019/20

It’s that time of year again. School education 2019/20 started back in August and September for most children. We took a trip instead. Most children have already become accustomed to the routine of the school day. Nothing about our days are routine. Why? We are worldschoolers.

Worldschooling can look different for everybody. Although we have experienced a variety of education systems, we have always returned to home education. The children would be entering Reception and Year 2 (UK system) this academic year. Which, significant for some, has made me reassess the type of education I want them to receive.

W (6) would be entering Key Stage 2 next year. A time when prepared parents begin looking at secondary schools. I don’t know if we will return to the British education system and I’m not keen on the French education system. An affordable democratic school, in a good area with access to plenty of extracurricular activities, seems like an impossible dream. So until then, ‘Education 2019/20’ is all about making sure the children are prepared for their educational future.


B is learning to read, while W is working on becoming a more confident and fluent reader. We use a combination of phonics/early reader books and online applications, like Teach Your Monster To Read.

Writing is a little more tricky. W has ASD, DCD and an unhealthy need to achieve perfection at all times, making writing a huge challenge for us. This year, the focus is on gentle encouragement and developing writing skills. Planning work and using our dictionary to check spellings, is already giving him the confidence to expand his writing beyond two or three sentences at a time. B however, is confidently using his phonics knowledge to attempt writing any toilet related word he can.

As they are both French speakers, we are using the online phonics & comprehension program Lalilo in French.


Maths at this stage is all about object handling and real world application (eg. shopping). However, it doesn’t hurt to make use of the age-appropriate courses available on Khan Academy. I use the program to introduce new concepts and identify areas of understanding that may need more work.


My background is Biochemistry & Biology. I worked as a Lab Technician, dabbled in Analytical Bioscience and had my own STEAM education business. Science education at this age, is a walk in the park. Most of it, can be done using the world around you and the contents of your kitchen.

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