NOvember: Month of NO

It’s NOvember aka B’s birthday month. Here are 3 things we are saying NO to this month.

NO to screens

While I use my phone and laptop for work & blogging/social media, we have a 30min per week limit on screens. Longer if it’s a documentary or film. This month we are aiming for zero screen time, opting for more time outside or with friends. So far, so good. They haven’t noticed, nor have they asked.

NO to plastic

This one is a bit harder to achieve in our current base country, so we are starting small. B’s upcoming birthday party will be as plastic free as possible, from the decorations to the party bags and the games/activities.

NO to shopping

It’s more than tempting to buy every item of clothing I come across for the children. However there is a cost attached – and I don’t just mean the bill! This A/W season we are reducing clothes to the bare essentials (hello capsule wardrobe), B will be getting W’s hand-me-downs and we will donate B’s clothes to children in local orphanages & villages.

What will you bring saying NO to, this month?


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