I wrote a book!

I wrote a book! I can’t stop saying that. It might only be a short ebook aimed at parents to read to their children BUT I wrote it. Little Londoners started as a way to show people there’s more to life in London than concrete and commuters.

In the last 2 years we have been evolving into something else, expedited by our move to Marrakech. I’m still working out what that is, and I’m still finding my voice. We don’t have the following I would like, in part due to my lack of confidence to push forward. I suffer from severe imposter syndrome – an overhang from years in an abusive relationship. However I have been fortunate enough to be a contributor for online blogzines such as: The Motherload, gal-dem and cultursmag. I’ve been invited to speak on radio, appeared in TV documentaries and YouTube skits.

Over lockdown, a few things happened that made helped me reach an epiphany. I stuck up my middle finger to anxiety and this is the result. I wrote a book. A short ebook about what happened when it was time to leave lockdown.

My book is available on Amazon. Happy reading!

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