W Writes: Why Kids Should Speak More Than One Language

Dictated by W. Typed & edited by Mum.

I want to learn 5 languages, I can already speak English, French and I’ve just started learning Arabic. I’m asking for Spanish lessons for my 8th birthday. When we lived in London, I used to go to Chinese School every Saturday. I want to learn Mandarin again when I’m older. 

Why do I want to learn so many languages?

Because, I have a dream to travel around the world and be able to speak to everybody that I meet. If I can speak to them, I can help them and maybe they can help me. I can learn about their country, their culture and their lives. 

These are all my reasons for learning so many languages, but why do I think other kids should learn as well?

It’s important to be able to speak to lots of different people at different times of our lives. If I couldn’t speak French, I wouldn’t have many friends to play with here in Morocco. Lots of my friends in Morocco can already speak 3 languages – French, Arabic and English! 

Maybe you think it will be difficult to learn a new language. But if you keep practising, you will get better. When I first moved to Morocco I didn’t know any French or any Arabic. I didn’t understand anything anybody was saying. It made me feel sad, because I couldn’t make any friends. One day, I realised I could understand what everybody was saying in French. I could also speak it! I finally had friends and that made me very happy. 

Because of the coronavirus I couldn’t go to co-op to practice speaking French with my friends. So now I watch TV in French and Arabic and I play games in French with my brother. Sometimes I have phone calls in French and I play games on the computer or watch music videos on YouTube. These have all helped me to keep practising my languages. 

I think it is important to learn about other people. The best way to do that is if I can speak to them in their language. What language do you want to learn?

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12 thoughts on “W Writes: Why Kids Should Speak More Than One Language

  1. Great idea to learn languages. It helps you to understand others and enriches your life and that of others. WeWWWell done

  2. Such a good point! When we travel we hate not being able to-really talk to others kids. We play without language but you have inspired us to stay longer and work to learn more of the language. Morocco so far as been our favorite and we miss it so much!!! Thank you for this great piece reminding us of the importance of knowing more than 1 language! Olivia 11, Hope 9, Fiona 6 and their mom!

  3. I am so glad that you are sharing your ideas with other kids. Travelling and learning new languages helps us understand each other so we can play well together. I am old but I still want to learn more languages. Mandarin is at the top of my list. I spent six weeks in China several years ago and now realize that most people around the world want to know and understand each other.

  4. I agree with you!

    If I had a superpower it would be to know every language in the world (even other animal languages.. and plant languages, too)!

    Good luck on your goal to reach 5 languages – and maybe more!

  5. Bien exprimé! J’ai apris le français au lycée et étudié la science linguistique à l’université. J’ai aussi étudié un peu de: italien, espagnol, néerlandais, latin, et je parle russe assez bien. Même quelques petits mots dans une autre langue sont un gout d’une autre culture. Et tu as de la chance d’être encore petit parce que c’est beaucoup plus facile pour les enfants d’apprendre des autres langues! Bon courage petit polyglotte 🙂

  6. What a great motivational post! I am excited to see more blog posts by you ☺️

  7. Learning languages is the best way to make friends in other countries. Its amazing what you are doing and encouraging other kids too. My sons speak English and Indonesian and they can communicate with all sorts of people.

    Languages are living so you need to keep practicing and using them in real situations.

  8. W, I wish you well with your language learning over the summer holidays. Enjoy!

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