Guest blog: The ‘S’ word

I’ve known M for nearly 6 years. We first met online, in a Facebook group – a contentious place for parents. I uttered the ‘s’ word, two in fact! Socialisation & segregation. We had a little spat and I (stubbornly) was quite happy to leave it there. To my pleasant surprise, M reached out to me. A few days later she was picking up a (very pregnant) me and toddler W for a play date!

It’s not everyday that an online argument turns into friendship. How many of us would reach out to the other person in an attempt to resolve a dispute? I think it speaks volumes as to the kind of person M is. Which is why I’ve asked her to write the first guest blog for Little Londoners. While I dipped my toe in and out of the Home Education poolM has been fully immersed from the beginning. A fellow single parent to L (11), you can follow their journey and the resources they use here. Happy reading!

The ‘S’ word

by M from @homeeducating_you

I’ve been asked by Paloma from Little Londoners to write a guest post. A little about me, I’m known mainly as M and Mum. I’m a solo parent to L who is 11 and has never been in the UK Schooling system. I share some of our Home Education journey along with the resources we use on Instagram.

I’ve known P for 6 years, however our first encounter wasn’t pleasant. We were in a national UK Home Ed group and we’d had what you can call “words”. From my vague memory of that time P had asked if there was certain groups for nursery aged children. I had a bee in my bonnet about age segregation. We exchanged a few cross words whilst on that open forum. I then questioned why I had even engaged, I couldn’t be doing with the drama.

Fast forward 6 years; we no longer live in the same country, let alone city but we are in regular contact. We see each other as much as our geographical distance and lifestyles allows. Our children get along well and even though they have less contact than we do, they still recognise each other. It may have been months or years, but they just click like they had seen each other the day before. 

The ‘s’ word: socialisation

Not all connections grow into friendships. And not all friendships last, I am pleased to say our initial conversations have developed into something so much more. We have a mutual understanding and respect for one another. Our lifestyles with our children are similar.

I am often asked if my child has friends. I gush with pride that she holds many friendships, all over the UK and abroad. 

Our first communication was regarding young children being with older children. whether it was viable to have separate groups. I’ve Home Educated from the very beginning, the way Home Educated children socialise is far more diverse than schooled children. There’s no age difference, they are all children with a common ground: they don’t go to school. To truly understand this, you’d have to see it for yourself. Either at a not back to school picnic or another Home Ed event.

Ask yourself this. Are your own friends all the same age as you? 

Why do we expect and except that children should be the same? 

I find that Home Educated children are alot more accepting and hold far greater social skills than their schooled peers.

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