Raising Global Citizens: Global Food Security

Raising Global Citizens is no easy feat. The boys are now firmly part of the Third Culture Kids ‘Club’. They speak two languages and are learning a third. They’ve lived in a foreign country for nearly two years. Forming friendships with local and international children. They are open minded. They recognise and respect those from different cultural and religious backgrounds. But, and there’s always a but, they are privileged.

Teaching Children About Global Food Security

“We wish we had a mummy who let us eat whatever we want, whenever we want!” they both declared one evening. The next morning, they were presented with the video below.

I’m the kind of parent who can turn anything into a learning opportunity. We can’t watch any Disney film without an accompanying lesson from me discussing the real historical events and injustices portrayed. And I love Disney. So how did I discuss global food insecurity with them?

It’s an ongoing conversation. There is no ‘right time’ to start this conversation. They might not completely understand the concept yet, but they will. We always have conversations about gratitude for the food on our plates during mealtimes. I encourage them to recognise their privilege: access to clean drinking water, fresh fruit, vegetables and education (which I personally believe is a right, not a privilege).

We watch videos, discuss real-world impact and look at the people around us. We have donated to the local food bank when we lived in the UK and bought food for orphanages in Marrakech. Through discussion and action, I hope that they will gain deeper insight into the issues that affect a large percentage of the global community. I hope that they will grow into global citizens who will make a difference and effect change. I do this by discussing a myriad of global issues with them and offering them the opportunity to take an action of their choosing in response.

What other global issues should I be discussing with my child?

Raising global citizens isn’t just about experiencing language, culture and travel. It’s also teaching them about global issues. Here are a few global issues I try to talk to my children about:

  • Human Rights (including Children’s Rights)
  • Wildlife & Marine Conservation
  • Racism
  • Global Food Insecurity
  • Climate Change

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  1. Useful video and links on such an important topic – indeed a life-sustaining and transformative contribution to our world – starting at a young age. Recommended to for copying.

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