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After 3 years of eclectic home education. The children will be joining the school system this September. Or so I thought. With the Covid19 pandemic it’s uncertain what going back to school this academic year will even look like.

Many families across the world are opting for home education in the midst of this pandemic. I’ve put together a list of useful links and resources that we will be using for our English education, regardless of the official decision. Their school is bilingual French/Arabic so we will continue English education at home.

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Back to school: useful links/resources

Normally I would be making a trip back to the UK to pick up workbooks, reading books, or anything else I feel would be useful for the year ahead. But this isn’t possible during the pandemic, so I am relying heavily on ebooks and online resources for our English education.


B (5) is just starting the Biff, Chip & Kipper books from Oxford Reading Tree. We will be using Oxford Owl to access FREE ebooks and educational activities to support his learning.

W (7) is beginning to read for pleasure (Harry Potter, Diary of A Wimpy Kid, Captain Underpants etc.) so we will be focusing more on comprehension skills and story writing. Twinkl is a great resource for this.


Both boys are signed up to The Maths Factor by Carol Voderman which complements the British National Curriculum. The children watch a video and them complete a related activity. There are games and rewards available and even ‘Summer Camps’ to focus on skills learned from the previous academic year.

Maths is a universal language and they will be having maths lessons in both French & Arabic, so there is no obligation from me for them to do this on a regular basis.

Other Subjects

Nature Studies/Journals: I purchased the ‘Exploring Nature with Children’ curriculum several years ago, but have always found an excuse/reason not to follow it properly. With the lockdown and being forced to stay inside for several months, it’s the perfect excuse to get out of the house at least once a week. Especially if schools will be online, we will all need a break from the screens. You can purchase the curriculum here.

Computer Skills: With W starting to dictate his own blogs, we both thought it was fitting he learned to type so that he can write them himself. English keyboards use the QWERTY layout, which is different from other language keyboards. We are using the Dance Mat Typing game from BBC Bitesize to help his typing skills. And I am teaching him how to search for information on the internet using the DK online encyclopedia.

We will also be doing various projects throughout the year, that I can share with you. If you’re interested, sign up for email updates below.

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