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5 SAHM Things I’m Going To Miss

After a nearly 4 year (eek!) break from the world of working, I am going back to school! As the teacher this time. With the boys starting school this year, I decided to turn my passion for education into employment. I am actually a certified TESOL teacher already. But, by using this to teach my preferred age group (early years/primary) I am also taking my first steps towards QTS (another topic for another blog). But for now, I am going from a home educating SAHM to a working teacher mum and I can tell already there are at least 5 SAHM things I’m going to miss.

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5 SAHM things I’m going to miss:

  • Late starts to the morning (with no school & no work, we could wake up whenever we wanted!)
  • Lunch dates (with the boys and/or with friends)
  • Drinking an endless amount of tea, all day everyday
  • Back to back Netflix marathons (so long K-dramas)
  • Taking my time to organise life

Of course I will miss my children, but they’re not things – they are people (last I checked). Have you switched from working to staying at home or vice versa? What do/did you miss?

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