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‘Twas The Night Before School

‘Twas the night before school, when all through the house
Were pencils and pens and sticky back plastic.
Mum was stressed out and lost in translation,
Feeling less than fantastic and full of frustration…

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That’s how it goes, isn’t it? School starts next week and the boys will be on a 50/50 timetable (50% of the class in for 50% of the time). Today however was an opportunity to meet their teachers, get to know the school and do some fun icebreaker activities.

It was also a day for me to drop off their school supplies, which had to be protected in clear plastic (ergh) and labelled. And may be another reason to not have a child, or at least more than one…

A Different System

In the UK, on the first day of school we just send our children in. Here you receive a list (two pages) of school supplies to buy and give to the teacher before school starts. The school the boys are going to is bilingual French and Arabic which means two of everything. French language and Arabic language workbooks, maths workbooks in French and Arabic and more. There were about 10 for each of them, that all had to be wrapped and labelled. Then there are the exercise books that not only have to be wrapped and labelled but also need to be specific sizes and colours. Pens, pencils, a mini chalkboard and chalk, I could go on.

So there I was – ’twas the night before school and I was wrapping, cutting, labelling and sticking, wondering what I had signed myself up for, desperately trying to read the French instructions and rely on Google Translate (haha!).

The Day Itself

I was nervous about sending them in. Their school has split the children into two groups, we were in the afternoon group. There wasn’t really a chance for a proper goodbye as they were ushered through the school gate to be sprayed and temperature checked. I spent the few hours they were at school preparing their Schultüten (see below) and worrying. Worrying for nothing it appeared, they both came out school happily. Telling me what a great time they’d had, how friendly everybody was. “It’s my kind of school” said W as we were leaving. I can’t wait to see what the year ahead holds for them in terms of a new experience, but I’m definitely getting them to help wrap their books next year!

How was your child’s first day back?

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