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5 Gender Reveal Party Ideas That Won’t Start A Wildfire

So, if you haven’t heard by now, there is a wildfire currently raging across California. How did the fire start? A gender reveal party that went wrong. And it isn’t the first time for such a mishap to occur. Personally I am not a fan of the ‘gender reveal’, I didn’t have a baby shower either. As somebody who promotes gender neutral parenting and doesn’t believe in conforming to gendered stereotypes, a gender* reveal party doesn’t really fit ‘my vibe’ as the Gen-Zers call it. If you insist on having a gender reveal party however, here are 5 gender reveal party ideas that won’t start a wildfire!
(*ahem, biological sex/genitals)

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5 gender reveal party ideas that won’t start a wildfire

1. What will it bee?

This is a really cute idea, the whole family got involved and it was a great surprise with zero risk!

2. Buy an outfit!

You could totally do this without any gender conforming ideas on what colours/clothing items boys and girls can wear. My boys wore rainbows and brightly coloured comfortable clothing for the first two years!

3. Bake a cake.

Hark back to 2008, when this whole idea started. Get somebody to bake a cake and whatever colour the buttercream is when you cut into, will indicate what you’re getting!

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4. Let out your inner geek.

Um, yes. Is all I can say to this one…

5. Wait until baby is born!

Or, you could just wait until the baby is born. Find out for yourself when baby arrives and surprise family members when they visit the hospital. If you have a following on social media, you could also hold a photoshoot to reveal the ‘gender’ of your new baby when they arrive.

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Which option would you choose? Let me know in the form below!

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