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3 Steps To A Childhood Unplugged

Confession: I am BAD when it comes to using social media. I’m not the most tech savvy person out there, but I’m kind of okay with that. One thing I do know about is #childhoodunplugged. If you’re new to parenthood, or the concept of #childhoodunplugged this blog will give you 3 Steps To A Childhood Unplugged.

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Step One: Limit Screen Time

We have a screen time limit of one show episode each week and one film or documentary over the weekend. This doesn’t include any screen time for educational purposes (or pandemic parenting)! Everything else that we can do such as reading, writing etc. is screen-free. We read actual books, not Kindles and to save paper we use chalkboards. We read encyclopedias for information and look up unknown words in hardback dictionaries. It’s a lot more exciting and rewarding for the children.

I also have found that if I don’t strictly limit and monitor screen time, it can have an adverse effect on W’s behaviour and he just doesn’t cope very well when clear boundaries haven’t been set.

Step Two: Get Inspired

I sometimes struggle to come out with ideas to get me out of the house, so I bought the Exploring Nature With Children Curriculum many years ago, and we still use it today. It’s a year long curriculum that is very easy to use and helps you get out of the house and into nature!

Check out the review video below from Multicultural Motherhood:

Step Three: Take It Outside!

Want to read a book? Take it outside. Need to do your morning yoga? Take it outside. We have a table and chairs set up outside, so that if the children need to do their home education work and I’ve realised we haven’t completed our daily quota (I set a minimum of 4 hours outside every day), they can sit outside to do their work and get some fresh air.

And in case you’re not convinced, here are 12 benefits of outdoor play for your child.

What daily activities would you switch to doing outside? Let me know below!

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