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How To Have A 2020 Halloween

Even though this entire year has felt like a Black Mirror episode and with the recent discovery of possible alien life on ‘nearby’ Venus, we all need something to look forward to. Halloween. In just a little over 6 weeks, I will be binge-watching Scream Queens (NSFW), drinking something appropriate and wishing I was back in suitably spooky Naples. This will all take place AFTER I have made sure the children have had plenty of fun of course. But today’s blog post is all about how to have a 2020 Halloween – for fun activity ideas you can sign up for email updates or check out my Pinterest board below.

Costumes, Not Culture

Halloween is synonymous with fun and freaky costumes. Unfortunately this particular section of ‘fancy dress’ is littered with offensive and inappropriate outfits. If you’re wondering what NOT to wear, check out this list of offensive Halloween costumes.

Personally I prefer the last-minute DIY approach. I grab whatever outfit I can find and slap some face paint on the boys. I usually match them or opt for a vampire/witch, because…

Let The Games Begin…

While decorations, an abundance of food and ‘trick or treating’ all sound great, it is 2020. This year we will be having a more socially distanced (aka family) affair with trick or treating taking place at bedroom doors instead of front doors. A spooky afternoon tea instead of a fearsome feast and homemade, plastic-free decorations that can hopefully be reused next year.

And as with all seasonal events there will be plenty of games and activities taking place (for ideas, sign up for email updates below).

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