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Interview With My Kids: Halloween Edition

Halloween is on its way, which means at least one of biweekly blogs will be dedicated to the season. This week I interviewed W (7) and B (5), because I thought that Halloween explained by kids must be hilarious. My youngest sister M (23) insisted on being interviewed as well, because as the baby of the family she is still a kid at heart. You can check out her blog here: Sunraze Media. Don’t forget to sign up for email updates below to receive Halloween activity suggestions!

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What is Halloween?

B: All about fun and having fun with our family?
W: No, it’s a scary thing when people eat too many sweets!
M: A time to celebrate with friends and dress up. It’s the ultimate autumnal treat and a great excuse for baking and craft activities.

What is your favourite Halloween film?

B: Hotel Transylvania 1! No. Hotel Transylvania 2…actually, Hotel Transylvania 3!
W: I don’t have a favourite one, maybe Coraline.
M: Does The Nightmare Before Christmas count? If not, The Addams Family.

What is your favourite Halloween activity?

B: My favourite Halloween activity is to match the monsters, so you write the word and then you have to draw the monster.
W: I like it when you make us a special glow-in-the dark bath for Halloween, that’s fun.
M: Pumpkin carving is a classic activity, but I think I’ll have to say toffee apples which I will be making this year of course.

What is your favourite Halloween snack?

B: Bones!
W: I like bones as well.
M: Candy corn!

Halloween snack: bones – a recipe by the wonderful Christine McConnell

If you could dress up as anything for Halloween, what would it be?

B: A werewolf, because I can’t think of anything else.
W: A skeleton, because that’s what I did last year.
M: I actually have a dress up saved collection on my Instagram! So from there it’s one of two things, I want to be either Storm from X-Men or Calypso from Pirates of The Caribbean.

Any last words?

B & W: No, can we watch Netflix now?
M: No, other than I hope everybody reading has a lovely Autumn and Halloween!

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