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Christmas 2020: Traditions & OT

It’s the second week of our seasonal home education topic and we will be looking at Christmas traditions! This week we will be exploring our own family traditions and the history of popular Christmas traditions.

If you missed what we were up to last week, you can check out last week’s blog here:

This blog post is an overview of my intentions for the week ahead and will provide a backbone for activities and further exploration (if requested by the children).


This week we will be looking at the history behind certain Christmas traditions that almost every household takes part in around the world. Hoping to answer questions like: Why do we have Christmas trees?; What is the history behind Christmas crackers? With related activities like writing our own jokes or making egg-carton Christmas trees.

We will also be looking at traditions that have been passed down for generations in our family as well as new traditions that were introduced after the children were born. We will also be talking about who Father Christmas is and acts of kindness as well as watching the new Jingle Jangle film on Netflix and Santa & Cie – a hilarious French language Christmas film that came out in 2017.

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Useful Link: Occupational Therapy

Since W was born he has been attending occupational therapy throughout his life. Since we moved abroad we haven’t been able to access any so it’s mostly been up to me, but we were fortunate to have a good OT who gave him some intensive therapy before we left and gave me some tips for daily ‘exercise’. Explaining that he shouldn’t need any interventions until he reaches puberty (something to do with balance/centre of gravity changing) if we keep it up.

Unfortunately, as he’s getting older, sensory boxes and baths or the ‘Jungle Game’ just aren’t cool or fun anymore. He wants the activities to be more age appropriate. So after some Googling I came across The OT Toolbox and their “A Very Merry Occupational Therapy Christmas” blog, which has a list of useful OT activities for every day of advent. Some of the activities are aimed at younger children but can be easily be adapted for older kids and we are just picking and choosing what fits with our theme of the week.

I know a lot of families can struggle around the holidays and with access to normal supportive services disrupted to the pandemic, this could be a useful guide to help your child through the overwhelming changes Christmas can bring.

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