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Christmas 2020: Christmas Around the World

It’s the third week of our seasonal home education topic and we wouldn’t be worldschoolers if we didn’t explore Christmas Around the World! We also have a few film reviews written by W and B being published later this week for Jingle Jangle (2020) and Santa et Cie (2017, Fr).

If you missed what we got up to last week, you can check it out here:

A Festive Feast

This twinkl orginals e-book provides a great starting point for this week’s theme. It’s aimed at KS1, so naturally B read the story to us and we talked about all the delicious food featured in the story.

If you don’t know by now we love food in our family and we especially love baking. We threw a cookie decorating party for our friends over the weekend complete with homemade snickerdoodles, chocolate chip cookies, spiced biscuits and shortbread (which I used to make Empire biscuits – a childhood favourite). We also had some festive music, snacks and of course mulled apple juice to get us into the Christmas spirit!

With all this talk of food, we wanted to find out what people in other countries around the world eat on Christmas Day and so today we used the Random Country Generator to pick a country to research. The boys think Japan’s KFC tradition is a great idea but they also loved the look of Guyana’s traditional Black Cake. We also found videos on YouTube comparing Christmas in Japan to Christmas in England and discovered the Guyanese Christmas tradition of masqueraders!

Masquerade at Christmas – A Guyanese thing Guyana Times (Dec 2019)

We will be exploring more countries this week, but if you have any traditions from your country that you’d like to share we would love for to share with us in the form below!

When and where is Christmas?

In the Twinkl originals story one family featured, celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve before going to Midnight Mass. This is common in some European countries and we were able to talk about the fact that our family’s tradition of opening a present on Christmas Eve comes from our German heritage. We will spend this week looking at when other countries celebrate Christmas and I’m sure the boys will be excited to find out about the town with three Christmas Days! As well as which countries celebrate Christmas and how to say Merry Christmas in their official language.

For more ideas…

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  1. My mum and grandma in Berlin decorated our tree on Christmas Eve. Afterwards I was not allowed in the living room until it was dark and the little bell sounded and I saw the tree decorated with silver Lametta a(tinsel) and lit with real wax candles, either in white or perhaps in red. The presents were arranged under the tree.

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