Christmas 2020: Homemade Gifts

We finished our Christmas topic this week, so I’m spending my evening putting all the work together into a little project book for each of the children. For a semi-structured, mornings only Home Ed family it’s surprising how much ‘work’ we have actually done over the last three weeks!

We spent the weekend celebrating the ‘end of term’ with a disco and a mini Christmas Fair at home. The children made Christmas cards to ‘sell’, my sister had a hot chocolate stall with peppermint and gingerbread syrup choices and I (of course) had a snow-themed STEAM stall! With the year we have all had, we’ve been talking a lot about the meaning of Christmas and the importance of spending time together as a family. With that in mind, both children came to ask me privately if I could help them make a gift for their sibling which is the theme of today’s blog – homemade gifts!

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Homemade Gifts by Kids for Kids

So I don’t know about you but whenever I look up ‘easy’ homemade gift ideas that kids can make the materials list is usually insanely long or expensive and the finish product isn’t something that has any real purpose. Luckily I am blessed with a pair of creative and thoughtful children so here are three homemade gift ideas you could try at home yourself.


Last weekend we hosted a cookie decorating party and the boys decided to make personalised salt dough ornaments for all of their friends, using the peppermint salt dough we made for one of our sensory OT activities.

Coupons & Activity Sheets

W had the great idea of making an activity book for B. He wanted to give him a list of 25 activities that he could do without adult supervision. Exciting, but potentially dangerous. His second idea was the one we went with – coupons and activity sheets. We found this FREE coupon printable online and W came up ideas that he thinks B will appreciate but that he will also be comfortable honouring. He also thinks B needs to practice his cutting skills so has asked me to print off some Christmas themed cutting skills activity sheets to go with the coupons.

Wild Kratts Game Cards

B knows how much W loves the Wild Kratts, so he has made a small themed card set for W’s gift. We found this fun Wild Kratts power discs that I printed off and B cut and stuck them onto one side of the card. The other side has a game suggestion related to the power disc. For example: Hawk = I Spy, Elephant = Memory Game or Chameleon = Hide & Seek.

Looking for more ideas…?

I can’t wait to see the children’s reactions to the thoughtful gifts they made for each other. I’ve been trying to avoid plastic/electronic gifts for a number of years so I will also be making gifts for the children and after a slight hiccup at Santa’s workshop they will be enjoying some wildschooling-inspired gifts as well. Feel free to share your ideas with us as well!

You can find more ideas on our Pinterest board below:

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