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January Highlights: Looking back to look forward

After what felt like a lifetime (I’m convinced January is actually the longest month of the year!), it’s finally February! 2021 might not be the year we hoped for, but for us it’s gotten off to a pretty great start. Goal-setting and vision boards have definitely kept all of us on track through this first month of the new year and hopefully sets out how we mean to go on. Today’s blog post is all about our January highlights and our theme for February.

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What happened in January?

So, the children started back at their homeschool co-op. They used to go twice a week for English and French days before Covid19, but right now they’re only going once a week for French/Arabic days on alternate weeks. They’re really happy to be back, have some time with other children and space away from each other! Hopefully we can up their days in the future, but that depends on some other news I’m waiting for in March/April.

Meanwhile, I created the Expat Autism Network, it’s a very new community group on Facebook with the aim to connect autistic expats and expat parents of autistic children with each other as well as with individuals/organisations who may be able to offer support or services as needed. We’ve already been able to identify an autism specialist who can carry out the ADOS-2 assessment in Marrakech, Morocco (French/Arabic) and an autism-friendly pyschotherapist in Rabat, Morocco (English/French/Darija) as well as a few online resources and community groups.

I’ve also been invited to speak at an upcoming virtual summit – details to be confirmed! So if you’re interested in joining please check us out on Facebook. The more the merrier, everybody is welcome but in particular autistic people especially those with expat/travel experience as I want to make sure #actuallyautistic voices are promoted within the group.

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February Theme: Love Yourself

It’s February, so of course I need to mention the widely commercialised Valentine’s Day! But before I do, do you remember what our topic for this half term was? Festivals & Cultural Celebrations, which you can read about here:

Part of our topic is learning all about Chinese New Year and W (8) will choose a recipe to make something for our own small celebration on 12 February. For Valentine’s Day our theme is ‘love yourself’ so I’m planning a mini self-care/yoga & spa day with the boys – but I’ll tell you more about that in next week’s blog!

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