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The Ultimate Birthday Gift for Kids

The global pandemic has affected everybody in different ways, we’ve definitely cut back on our spending and my previous plans of purchasing birthday gifts during our frequent trips to Europe are no longer applicable in the current climate. And so began the rise of what can only be described as The Ultimate Birthday Gift for Kids.

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Pandemic Parties

Do you remember when everybody thought it would be over after staying home for 2 weeks. Just over a year later and we’re still waiting for things to return back to normal or even give a hint as to what the ‘new normal’ will be. Lockdown birthdays/pandemic parties, whatever you want to call them were one way to cope. Some people had group Zoom calls, while others (us included) opted for laidback, all day PJs affairs. With limited options and funds, but still wanting to gift my children the fun and surprise that a birthday brings I was able to come up with The Ultimate Birthday Gift for Kids, and they loved it so much they decided to share it with their friends.

So, you’re probably wondering what is The Ultimate Birthday Gift for Kids? And what exactly makes it ULTIMATE? Well, when there’s a birthday party what is the best part for any kid, apart from the cake? It’s got to be the party bag, a magical bag filled with sweets, treats and fun and plenty of surprise! That’s exactly what The Ultimate Birthday Gift for Kids is. A party bag for the birthday boy/girl, and I have the perfect formula for making one, which I’m going to share with you in today’s blog post.

The Formula

Before I share the formula with you, be aware that this is aimed at those with a limited budget. While we would all love to help a child celebrate their birthday, it should be done without compromising your financial capabilities. This if for those with a budget of around £15-£20, but can definitely be done for even cheaper, and is aimed at children aged 6 – 9 years.

The formula is simple, pick a main gift and then add other items to complement it and fill up your chosen ‘party bag’.

Main Gift

My children are Lego obsessed, so they usually pick something from Lego. We are loving the Lego DOTS bracelets at the moment and the boys will probably find one in their stockings this year. The boys also have a friend who’s recently discovered manga, so an age-appropriate manga book would also be a great option (this friend didn’t actually get the formula, because I was very disorganised and forgot!). Basically the main gift can be anything* you know the birthday child would like, or your child picks for their friend because they’re more likely to know their likes/dislikes than the adults!

*anything within your budget, I’m not a cheapskate by any means, but I’ve been there when money is tight and I’ve been there when people cancelled on turning up to my child’s birthday because money was tight. Presence > presents!

Other Items

There’s always a birthday that I haven’t planned for, so I have a stash of birthday items hidden somewhere in the house JUST IN CASE. It’s basically a stack of colouring/activity books, small items from Flying Tiger or MINISO and party items like balloons or party blowers.

The boys get to pick one colouring/activity book, one small item and one party item to add to the main gift and then we throw in a packet of sweets (usually Haribo) for good measure. That’s the gift part sorted, what about the wrapping?

The Gift Bag

Ideally you have a few party bags lying around, I did until B decided to turn ALL of them into superhero masks for his teddies! I also usually have good quality wrapping paper, but save for a few scrap pieces, I have none left. So we grabbed a brown paper bag from the stash that I ‘accidentally’ took home from the grocery store and the boys set to work decorating. One of them gets to decorate the bag, while the other one gets to write the card and decorate the envelope.

This ULTIMATE GIFT BAG contains:

  • LEGO DOTS bracelet
  • Story Cubes Set
  • Disney Princess Colouring Book
  • A Heart-Shaped Balloon
  • A packet of Haribo

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