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Homeschooling is referred to as Home Education in the UK. There are different legal requirements for home education depending on where you live. You can find out more here.

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Can I really Home Educate my child for FREE?

Yes, and no. Yes, you can find inspiration for FREE online – YouTube and Pinterest are great for this. Your local library is a great FREE resource for fiction & non-fiction books. But no, because there may be some books you prefer to purchase and of course you will need to buy any supplies & materials required for the academic year, as well as pay for any workshops, field trips or extracurricular activities you (or your child) choose to partake in throughout the year. You might not be able to homeschool/home educate completely for free but I can sure help you try! I believe that education is a right not a privilege and as such should be affordable for every family, which is why I have put together FIVE of my favourite FREE educational resources to cover your homeschooling/home education needs!

Five FREE Learning Resources You Should Know About

Oak National Academy (England & Wales Curriculum)

Created in response to the global pandemic and supported by the UK government, Oak National Academy is an organisation providing an online classroom and resource hub in the UK. It provides teachers with free lessons and resources for pupils aged from 4 to 16. Oak also includes a specialist curriculum for supporting pupils who normally attend specialist settings

Easy Peasy All-In-One Homeschool (US Curriculum)

Easy Peasy All-In-One Homeschool is a free Christian* homeschool curriculum for grades K-12. Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool Curriculum offers Art, Drawing, Bible, History, Language Arts, Math, Music, P.E., Reading, Science & more in a Charlotte Mason or eclectic style. Many assignments can be completed online & some will need to be printed. Lesson plans also included. 

*as a secular family, we cut out the religious-based questions & activities

Hoffman Academy – Online Piano Lessons

Hoffman Academy is the brainchild of, pianist and educator, Joseph Hoffman. Using a fun, step-by-step method to develop piano skills this is a great way to inspire a love of music for the whole family. There are two options – FREE or Premium (paid) membership which gives you access to games and printable resources. All you need is a piano/keyboard!

Terminal Two

Terminal Two – Computer Coding

Terminal Two creates fun, educational coding games that kids love to play. Their games teach core computer science concepts and skills, and it’s completely FREE!

Worksheet Works – Handwriting Practice

Worksheet Works offers a number of worksheets for different subjects, which may work for your family. However, what I’m most excited about are their Handwriting Practice worksheets, including cursive! Just pick the style you want, type in your chosen text and print. I’m going to be using these with B (6), my reluctant writer. If he can create his own handwriting sheets, he may be more excited to actually do it!

And don’t forget…

Everyday family life, being out and about in your community are also FREE. You can practice reading with street signs, maths at the supermarket or science when baking. There are so many ways to learn, just pick the right way for you and your family!

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