Let’s Celebrate: Roald Dahl Day

13 September is the birthday of one of the world’s most famous children’s author – Roald Dahl. Celebrated every year since 2006, it’s a day for fun literacy-based activities!

1. Charlie & The Chocolate Factory

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory is probably the most well-known book by Roald Dahl. Have some edible fun inspired by Willy Wonka – make your own Wonka bar or lickable wallpaper!

2. The BFG

Watch the film, create a dream jar or compile a list of the many invented words found in the book.

3. George’s Marvellous Medicine

Have some natural science fun by making your own medicine!

4. The Twits

Bake a pie or do some yoga. Whatever you do, make sure it’s horrible!

5. Quentin Blake

It may be Roald Dahl Day but Quentin Blake’s illustrations helped the stories come alive. Learn to draw like him or create your own character.

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