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Let’s Learn About: Black History (UK)

As a Black heritage family, Black History is an integral part of our home education curriculum. Black History Month is celebrated for the whole month of October every year in the UK. This blog post highlights how we have included Black History in our humanities topics this academic year and points to other useful resources, to hopefully inspire you to learn more about Black British History. This year’s theme is “Proud To Be Black“.

Black History is often presented as a subject that starts with the Transatlantic Slave Trade and ends with the American Civil Rights Movement. With an Americanised focus on Black History, it can be difficult to explore Black British History and therefore the presence and impact of Black Britons in British History. This blog highlights some of the ways we include Black British History in our Home Education throughout the academic year (not just in one month) and also points towards some resources that could be useful to include in your home education/classroom or for personal interest (like this book list).

Black British History in our Home Education

Black people have been present in Britain for centuries. Acknowledging the presence of Black people in Britain when learning about British History does not detract from or in anyway reduce white British history. Here are a few examples of how I make sure that Black people are present in our learning:

Our KS1 Humanities topic this half term is “Changes Within Living Memory” as well as exploring our own family history, we have also been listening to the collection of Windrush Stories from the Museum of London.

Our KS2 Humanities topic this half term is The Roman Empire which was spread throughout Europe and North Africa. Migration throughout the Empire led to the documented presence of ‘black’ Romans in Britain and the discovery of the ‘Ivory Bangle Lady’ in York, England. You can find teaching resources on Diverse Roman Britain here.

Next half term we will be focusing on geographical skills and ‘The UK – Cities & Regions’. This will give us the opportunity to learn about Black Explorers and notable Black Britons from different parts of the UK. We will explore the story Coming to England by Floella Benjamin in English and we will link all of our learning to our Biomes topic in Science.

Black History Month (UK) – Resources

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