Let’s Learn About: The UK

This half-term we are learning about The UK – Cities & Regions. This blog post is updated retrospectively each week.

Week 1 – Continents & Oceans

This week we are going to review our knowledge of the continents and oceans of the world. Watch the videos below (make notes if you like), and see if you can find them on an atlas or a globe.

  • Can you list the continents from memory?
  • Can you find the UK on an atlas/globe? What continent is it in?
  • Skill: Find your birthday coordinates. Use the month for latitude and the day for longitude.
Week 2 – The UK: Rivers, Seas, Countries & Cities

The UK is made up of four countries: England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland. Can you find out the capital cities of each country and the oceans/seas that surround them? (Use the video below to help you – draw your own map of the UK and label it, or print one off from the internet).

Skill: Use an atlas to find major cities in the UK and a compass to find out which direction you would need to walk in from one city to another. [eg. in which direction would you need to walk to get from London to Bristol?]

Week 3 – The UK: Counties


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