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Let’s Learn About: Geographical Features

This half-term we are developing our geographical & scientific knowledge. This blog post is updated retrospectively each week.

Week 1 – Continents, Oceans & Polar Biomes

This week we are going to review our knowledge of the continents and oceans of the world. Watch the videos below (make notes if you like), and see if you can find them on an atlas or a globe.

Antartica is an example of a Polar Biome. Can you find out what the definition of a Polar Biome is?

Black History link: Who was George W. Gibbs Jr.? Find out what he was known for and tell somebody about him.

Week 2 – The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse

This week are are going to learn about different types of settlements and geographical features.

  • Watch the video below and tell somebody the difference between human and physical features.
  • Read/listen to the story of the town mouse and the country mouse – can you make a list of the human & physical features found in a town vs. a village?
Week 3 – Geographical Features of Different Cities

This week we are going to use the definitions we learned last week about physical and human features to compare two cities we have been to before. Here is the table that B (6) created:

Human featuresBig Ben
Physical featuresRiver Thames
Malaga Mountains
Week 4 – Town Planner Part 1

This week you are going to imagine you are a town planner. You are going to design your own town/village. What physical features will there be? Do you want your town to be near water or up a mountain? What human features will you include? Will your town need a hospital, a shop or a school? Decide on a name and make a list of everything you want to include.

Week 5 – Town Planner Part 2

This week you are going to use the list you made last week to draw a birds eye view of your town. This will help you with next week’s activity!

Week 6 – Town Planner Part 3

This week you are going to build your town/village using the plans you made last week. You can make it out of Lego, junk or on Minecraft. How did B do?

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