Thirty and thriving

I want to say “I’m back!” but it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve returned after an unconfirmed hiatus from blogging. When I first started the Little Londoners blog in 2017, I wanted to share my love for my home city – help others discover London with their own children. I never expected that 5 years later we would have moved to another country, the children would have experienced multiple education setups or that we would have lived through a global pandemic.

For an education and travel blog, there hasn’t been one aspect that I’ve been able to write about consistenly, and so I’ve shied away from writing anything for fear of being labelled a fraud. I’m not a fraud, I’m human with a life that changes constantly according to circumstances and it’s time that I start embracing that.


I look at the people I went to school with and all of their accomplishments. I will never make the Forbes 30 under 30 list or be an award-winning actress, when they were pursuing their careers I was raising my children. I was overcoming the trauma of domestic abuse, dealing with the passing of my mother, attempting and dropping out of two masters programs due to lack of support, while struggling with my mental health, as well as fighting for support my neurodisabled, neurodiverse child and juggling a newborn. I was surviving.

If you or somebody you know is at risk of domestic abuse in the UK, you can contact Women’s Aid or Men’s Advice Line.

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While turning 30 didn’t exactly deliver the 30, flirty and thriving lifestyle I’d been hoping for. It did mark the turn in the road of life towards a life of freedom. Freedom to make decisions without fear, though it has been far from a smooth journey.

I began exploring a new career path within the education sector, dreaming about one day returning to KCL (or elsewhere) to finally complete a masters program. I enrolled the children in a school that ticks all of our boxes and I found my voice again. The one that puts boundaries in place and sticks to them. The voice that speaks out in favour of what’s right, even if it isn’t easy. The voice that gave me my confidence and my identity back.

So instead of saying “I’m back”, I’m going to say “watch this space”.

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