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Chores 2.0

Not so long ago, I shared a photo of the boys doing their after dinner chores – washing dishes, cleaning the table and sweeping the floor. I got messages from people saying what a great idea it was, asking me the best age to start chores AND how to even get children to willingly do their chores. I already wrote a blog about chores for … Continue reading Chores 2.0

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Activity: La Petite Poule Rousse

Our topic theme this half term is Fantastic Fiction. We have been reading Anansi stories, performing poetry and gameschooling traditional stories! Now while I may not be a French speaker, I strive to give the children a bilingual experience whenever possible because I do agree with W (8) that it’s important for children to speak more than one language. Which is why, when I discovered … Continue reading Activity: La Petite Poule Rousse

Valentine’s Day – Love Yourself (Kids)

Last week was Children’s Mental Health Week in the UK, the theme was ‘Express Yourself’ but it also got me thinking about well being for children and what that looks like, which is why our theme for Valentine’s Day 2021 will be ‘Love Yourself’. I hope today’s blog will inspire you to have a great Valentine’s Day with your children. Valentine’s Day for kids? Growing … Continue reading Valentine’s Day – Love Yourself (Kids)

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January Highlights: Looking back to look forward

After what felt like a lifetime (I’m convinced January is actually the longest month of the year!), it’s finally February! 2021 might not be the year we hoped for, but for us it’s gotten off to a pretty great start. Goal-setting and vision boards have definitely kept all of us on track through this first month of the new year and hopefully sets out how … Continue reading January Highlights: Looking back to look forward

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Topic: Festivals & Cultural Celebrations

A question I often get is how I plan my topics and how I educate my children with their different ages/abilities. So this is a step-by-step guide to my planning process, complete with examples from our current topic: festivals & cultural celebrations, and an explanation on how I make it work for a ‘would be’ Year 1 child and a ‘would be’ Year 3 child. … Continue reading Topic: Festivals & Cultural Celebrations

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New Year’s Resolutions with Children

It’s a new year, which is the perfect time to talk about realistic goal-setting with your children. There’s also a global pandemic going on, so realistic is key. 2020 brought a lot of change, our children were thrown into a world of uncertainty which required a certain amount of resilience. It allowed many of us to value the importance of family connections and maintaining our … Continue reading New Year’s Resolutions with Children

Christmas 2020: Homemade Gifts

We finished our Christmas topic this week, so I’m spending my evening putting all the work together into a little project book for each of the children. For a semi-structured, mornings only Home Ed family it’s surprising how much ‘work’ we have actually done over the last three weeks! We spent the weekend celebrating the ‘end of term’ with a disco and a mini Christmas … Continue reading Christmas 2020: Homemade Gifts