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Mini-break: Essaouira

Essaouira is within driving distance of Marrakech, making it a favourite destination for a long weekend. This coastal town offers a much more relaxed, “chill” vibe that the children loved. The medina is just as laid-back, free from the intensity on display in Marrakech and it’s worth staying in a riad there, if you can. Our mini-break saw us staying at Riad 7 Pierres with … Continue reading Mini-break: Essaouira

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Let’s Learn About: Geographical Features

This half-term we are developing our geographical & scientific knowledge. This blog post is updated retrospectively each week. Week 1 – Continents, Oceans & Polar Biomes This week we are going to review our knowledge of the continents and oceans of the world. Watch the videos below (make notes if you like), and see if you can find them on an atlas or a globe. … Continue reading Let’s Learn About: Geographical Features

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Let’s Learn About: Black History (UK)

As a Black heritage family, Black History is an integral part of our home education curriculum. Black History Month is celebrated for the whole month of October every year in the UK. This blog post highlights how we have included Black History in our humanities topics this academic year and points to other useful resources, to hopefully inspire you to learn more about Black British … Continue reading Let’s Learn About: Black History (UK)

Let’s Travel To: Pisa & Florence

Italy has it all – a rich history with fashion, art, architecture and let’s not forget about the food! The European country is perfect for romantic getaways and solo parent family travel. In this article you will discover a long weekend itinerary for the Tuscan cities of Pisa & Florence. Before reading my itinerary, find out some useful information about travelling in Europe… DRIVING IN … Continue reading Let’s Travel To: Pisa & Florence

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Let’s Learn About: Romans

This half-term we are learning about The Roman Empire. I try to organise and deliver humanities topic democratically. The first session is spent providing some background information and discussing what we would like to learn, do and make over the course of the topic. My goal is to provide a world view of history and develop information gathering skills. Week 1 – Who Were The … Continue reading Let’s Learn About: Romans

Let’s Celebrate: Roald Dahl Day

13 September is the birthday of one of the world’s most famous children’s author – Roald Dahl. Celebrated every year since 2006, it’s a day for fun literacy-based activities! 1. Charlie & The Chocolate Factory Charlie & The Chocolate Factory is probably the most well-known book by Roald Dahl. Have some edible fun inspired by Willy Wonka – make your own Wonka bar or lickable … Continue reading Let’s Celebrate: Roald Dahl Day

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How We Homeschool – The Arts

Confession: I’m not the most creative or artistically gifted person in the world, which meant for years I actively avoided any art tasks that couldn’t be added to a science or humanities project I had planned. This year, I am taking on the daunting task of intentionally giving my children an art education (of sorts), every Friday morning. Today’s blog post will cover how our … Continue reading How We Homeschool – The Arts

How We Homeschool – For FREE

Homeschooling is referred to as Home Education in the UK. There are different legal requirements for home education depending on where you live. You can find out more here. Can I really Home Educate my child for FREE? Yes, and no. Yes, you can find inspiration for FREE online – YouTube and Pinterest are great for this. Your local library is a great FREE resource … Continue reading How We Homeschool – For FREE