Starting School: Schultüte 

A Schultüte is a wonderful German tradition for the first day of school. My grandmother is German and so it’s a tradition that we are passing down and I intend to keep within our family. I remember receiving mine when I first started, so of course I had to make one for W (4) on his first day! For those of you that don’t know, a … Continue reading Starting School: Schultüte 

Bucket List: Into the Wild Summer Festival

So, this was an item I had added to the bucket list and then immediately regretted! I didn’t know how on earth I was going to manage two under 5s by myself for a whole weekend of camping. I didn’t even have any camping gear, so it was a quick stop at Decathlon for the basics (honestly, BASICs). I got a 3 person pop-up tent, … Continue reading Bucket List: Into the Wild Summer Festival

The Bucket List: Seaside Trip

We’ve had a couple of days wrapped up inside thanks to blocked noses and sore throats, so yesterday when we all woke up feeling marginally better a little spontaneity was in order. I decided to take the opportunity to surprise the boys with a trip to the seaside (also an item on the bucket list). I did a quick Google search over breakfast for the … Continue reading The Bucket List: Seaside Trip

Does going on holiday without my children make me a bad mother? 

You may have recently read the Daily Mail (I know, I know!) article about the families that bring their nanny on holiday with them so that they can have a stress-free holiday, the children have fun and everybody is happy. Not according to the readers, some of the comments that I saw were in the region of “family holidays are just that, if you don’t want … Continue reading Does going on holiday without my children make me a bad mother? 

London Underground 

I recently shared a photograph of my children on the tube after a unpleasant experience which prompted me to ask the question “Was I wrong to ask for a seat for my children?”. I received a mix of responses, a few inferring neglectful parenting and assuming that I am somebody with an attitude problem raising self entitled, disrespectful children, too occupied with my own ‘first … Continue reading London Underground 

Foodie Friday: Rabot 1745

Chocolate lovers rejoice! Rabot 1745 has been on my radar for a number of years now, but I have never had the chance to sample the delights they have on offer. If you’re not familiar with Rabot 1745, it’s Hotel Chocolat’s restaurant that serves cacao-inspired cuisine in the midst of London’s Borough Market. In other words, a chocolate lovers’ dream. They do not have a … Continue reading Foodie Friday: Rabot 1745

The Bucket List: Spa Day 

Continuing with our bucket list before W starts school, we decided this was an activity B could take part in as well. He’s been begging to get his nails done just like me so I thought a spa day at home would cover this request nicely. You will need: Bubble bath As many towels as possible Cucumbers Foot scrub Lotion Older/more capable children I had … Continue reading The Bucket List: Spa Day 

Father’s Day In A Single Parent Household

I remember Father’s Day growing up, we often made some sort of ‘craft’ to bring home to dad and mum would get our photo taken to be stuck on one of those popular (at the time) ‘World’s Best Dad’ musical mugs. As we got older, we were able to tailor our gifts towards his actual interests rather than assuming he would be delighted with receiving … Continue reading Father’s Day In A Single Parent Household