Elves, Shelves and Hypocrites

It’s that time of year when a creepy little doll arrives in many homes, while parents across the country think of different scenarios to place it in during the lead up to Christmas. Buddy arrived to our home last year, dressed in green, antics given up on before the first week was up. Everywhere I look, there are ‘Elf on the Shelf’ idea blogs and … Continue reading Elves, Shelves and Hypocrites

‘Eventcrashers’ aka Good Sh*t Happens

It’s no secret amongst our closest friends that my sisters and I have always managed to find ourselves rubbing shoulders with celebs and VIPs. An after-party in Tape, London or enjoying a VIP table in Ibiza. We’ve been there and we’ve done it, usually a combination of timing, luck and connections, but now it’s time to pass the baton. At 4 and 3, W and … Continue reading ‘Eventcrashers’ aka Good Sh*t Happens