SEN Travel: Step Five

It’s the last blog in the SEN Travel series! We have covered travel toolkits, travel schemes, local/international travel, and of course other people. Now, the steps I’ve mentioned in my blogs don’t need to be followed in any particular order, it’s just the way I do things but what works for my family, may not…


SEN Travel: Step Four

I want you to imagine the following scenario: You followed all the steps in the SEN Travel blog series; you picked up the hidden disability lanyard from the assistance desk at the airport, you’d prepared the social story weeks in advance and had all the sensory/distraction activities and snacks packed into your rucksack. You get…

SEN Travel: Step Three

Steps 1 and 2 covered international travel; identifying airport assistance schemes and creating you travel ‘toolkit’. Not everybody is able to travel abroad so Step 3 will cover travelling within your country. Steps 1 and 2 still apply but you won’t be as restricted with your toolkit as you are when travelling by plane. Here…

SEN Travel: Step Two

This blog is all about creating your TRAVEL TOOLKIT. You probably already have a toolkit you use on a daily basis, because W has both ASD and DCD (a neurodisability that affects coordination) my daily toolkit usually involves: a motor skills activity a play skills activity a sensory activity visual timetable social story (for new…

SEN Travel: Step One

I’ve dedicated a blog series to answering any questions surrounding SEN and single parent travel. #autism #singleparent #travel #sen #asd #singleparentravel #sentravel #blogseries

The Little Londoners, The Mondrian and The Lorax

The Mondrian is one of my favourite hotels to stay at when I need a sneaky treat or two. So I jumped at the chance to take advantage of their dinner, bed, breakfast and tickets to see The Lorax offer!  Anybody knows me that I’m not happy unless I’m spinning as many as (too full)…

Bucket List: Into the Wild Summer Festival

So, this was an item I had added to the bucket list and then immediately regretted! I didn’t know how on earth I was going to manage two under 5s by myself for a whole weekend of camping. I didn’t even have any camping gear, so it was a quick stop at Decathlon for the…

The Bucket List: Seaside Trip

We’ve had a couple of days wrapped up inside thanks to blocked noses and sore throats, so yesterday when we all woke up feeling marginally better a little spontaneity was in order. I decided to take the opportunity to surprise the boys with a trip to the seaside (also an item on the bucket list)….

The Attack in London

We were in Borough Market a few hours before the attack, I decided it was time to have a conversation with the Little Londoners (W, 4 and B, 2) and I have written about the approach I took.

“I am grateful that I could shift the focus from the bad to the good. To persevere their innocence and the magic of London as seen through a child’s eye…”

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