Is Rome Racist?

I honestly don’t know how to answer this question, but during our recent trip, the signs were there. A lot of my friends have visited Italy and had a great time, a few of my friends are Italian and I have been welcomed into their homes like a long lost family member at mealtimes. I am also an English speaker, the UK hasn’t left the … Continue reading Is Rome Racist?

SEN Travel: Step Four

I want you to imagine the following scenario: You followed all the steps in the SEN Travel blog series; you picked up the hidden disability lanyard from the assistance desk at the airport, you’d prepared the social story weeks in advance and had all the sensory/distraction activities and snacks packed into your rucksack. You get onto your plane and find your seat, suddenly your child … Continue reading SEN Travel: Step Four

SEN Travel: Step Three

Steps 1 and 2 covered international travel; identifying airport assistance schemes and creating you travel ‘toolkit’. Not everybody is able to travel abroad so Step 3 will cover travelling within your country. Steps 1 and 2 still apply but you won’t be as restricted with your toolkit as you are when travelling by plane. Here are my recommendations, for the three main modes of transport, … Continue reading SEN Travel: Step Three

SEN Travel: Step Two

This blog is all about creating your TRAVEL TOOLKIT. You probably already have a toolkit you use on a daily basis, because W has both ASD and DCD (a neurodisability that affects coordination) my daily toolkit usually involves: a motor skills activity a play skills activity a sensory activity visual timetable social story (for new places/activities) love bombing/emotions activity for B (he is still young … Continue reading SEN Travel: Step Two

LL Shorts: One school, two school, home school, world school.

Many of you who have followed our unschooling/home education journey so far are properly wondering why I’m sending the boys to school here in Morocco. Firstly, let’s get one thing straight, I’m not anti-school, I’m anti bad school. I would only send my children to a school if I truly believed that school could do a better job than what I’m doing currently. Don’t get … Continue reading LL Shorts: One school, two school, home school, world school.

LL Shorts: Worldschooling

I love London, I think it’s a great place to bring up children. Little Londoners was born out my desire to share all the amazing and affordable activities my hometown has to offer families. However, I realised that something needed to change. I couldn’t and wouldn’t want to change our education set up but our lifestyle was no longer sustainable in London. I always said that … Continue reading LL Shorts: Worldschooling

Family Ski Trip – Bonkers or Brave?

As I tucked into a good book, a bowl of hot chocolate and a warm savoury crepe an hour before my first snowboarding lesson, I realised I had cracked the secret to a genuinely enjoyable family holiday – childcare! As the family ski trip drew closer, I was suddenly filled with doubt. I hadn’t skied since I was 14 and I couldn’t remember what we … Continue reading Family Ski Trip – Bonkers or Brave?