10 Days in Morocco (with Kids): Road Trip

Morocco is a wonderfully diverse country, an almost hidden gem that acts as a gateway between Europe and Africa. From snow-capped mountains to expansive desert, from lush vegetation covering the rolling hills of the countryside to the busy winding streets of labyrinth-like medinas, Morocco has it all. In this article you will discover a 10 day road-trip itinerary exploring some of the costal regions of … Continue reading 10 Days in Morocco (with Kids): Road Trip

Let’s Travel To: Naples & Rome

Italy has it all – a rich history with fashion, art, architecture and let’s not forget about the food! The European country is perfect for romantic getaways and solo parent family travel. In this article you will discover a week itinerary for the historical cities of Naples & Rome. Before reading my itinerary, find out some useful information about travelling in Europe… DRIVING IN EUROPEEU … Continue reading Let’s Travel To: Naples & Rome

SEN Travel: Step Four

I want you to imagine the following scenario: You followed all the steps in the SEN Travel blog series; you picked up the hidden disability lanyard from the assistance desk at the airport, you’d prepared the social story weeks in advance and had all the sensory/distraction activities and snacks packed into your rucksack. You get onto your plane and find your seat, suddenly your child … Continue reading SEN Travel: Step Four

SEN Travel: Step Three

Steps 1 and 2 covered international travel; identifying airport assistance schemes and creating you travel ‘toolkit’. Not everybody is able to travel abroad so Step 3 will cover travelling within your country. Steps 1 and 2 still apply but you won’t be as restricted with your toolkit as you are when travelling by plane. Here are my recommendations, for the three main modes of transport, … Continue reading SEN Travel: Step Three

SEN Travel: Step Two

This blog is all about creating your TRAVEL TOOLKIT. You probably already have a toolkit you use on a daily basis, because W has both ASD and DCD (a neurodisability that affects coordination) my daily toolkit usually involves: a motor skills activity a play skills activity a sensory activity visual timetable social story (for new places/activities) love bombing/emotions activity for B (he is still young … Continue reading SEN Travel: Step Two

LL Shorts: One school, two school, home school, world school.

Many of you who have followed our unschooling/home education journey so far are properly wondering why I’m sending the boys to school here in Morocco. Firstly, let’s get one thing straight, I’m not anti-school, I’m anti bad school. I would only send my children to a school if I truly believed that school could do a better job than what I’m doing currently. Don’t get … Continue reading LL Shorts: One school, two school, home school, world school.

LL Shorts: Worldschooling

I love London, I think it’s a great place to bring up children. Little Londoners was born out my desire to share all the amazing and affordable activities my hometown has to offer families. However, I realised that something needed to change. I couldn’t and wouldn’t want to change our education set up but our lifestyle was no longer sustainable in London. I always said that … Continue reading LL Shorts: Worldschooling